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We offer several rental services to help make your event spectacular!

Delivery, set-up and on-site technicians are available options for every rental!

Cold Sparks

Magical upwards sparks on-demand. Perfect for special moments i.e grand entrances, exciting announcements and first dances! *Indoor and outdoor safe*


The Cloud

Rapidly evaporating dry-ice creating a dramatic "cloud-like" effect. Adds exciting texture to live performances and dreamy romance to a first dance! Won't upset fire alarms and can produce fluff up to 3 feet!


Handheld Glow Sticks

Lightweight glowing foam sticks with 3+ effects providing a fun element to the dance floor!


Rapid Bubble Machine

Bubbles are a universal favorite! Their light nature brings happiness to any space! Perfect for outdoor gatherings i.e sports events, pool parties or cocktail hour! The quiet yet powerful motor can push 500+ bubbles per minute!



Light sources in various points of interest elevating the magic in the room! 12+ color combinations and several effects to choose from! Create a warm and romantic ambiance, or turn-up with fun strobe effects!



Rentals are priced per day.

Delivery, Setup & Event-Day Techs included.

Electro-Voice Speakers

Choose from 12", 15" or 18"


QSL Interactive

Photo Booth

Backdrop and Photo Props

not included

Wireless Microphones

Mics, transmitter and receiver


QSL Battery-Powered Uplights

Sets of 10

Electro-Voice Subwoofers

Choose from 15" or 18"


QSL Cold Sparks

Rents in pairs

On-Site Tech suggested

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