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QSL Productions LLC is your one-stop-shop for all things quality entertainment! We create unforgettable experiences for our clients no matter the event! With leading-edge sound equipment, top-tier private DJs, exciting special effect options and five-star client support, our services are unmatched!


Host a hassle-free event your guests are sure to enjoy! Our structured and interactive planning process allows clients to plan with ease, then party without worry!

As a DJ for 10+ years in Music City Nashville, Big Red has become well established in both the entertainment and music industries... Big Red is a self-taught DJ who's college career helped propel his talent to the next level. He quickly became a crowd favorite on campuses across Tennessee and earned several gigs alongside A-List celebrities. He followed his passion full-force and turned into his career 8 years and counting! Big Red is truly a spectacle to witness live as he flawlessly blends and mixes on the turntables with high energy and crowd interaction. He serves unforgettable experiences to those bold enough to get on the dance floor...and once you're there, you find yourself stuck within a beautiful experience! He's known for his flexible styles, giving him the ability to satisfy any crowd no matter the genre or generation. Without a doubt, DJ Big Red is one of the South's most elite entertainers. Inquire about Private DJ Services!

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